Carpigiani Milan

We are dealers of the largest company in the world. Innovation is at the heart of Carpigiani’s technological leadership, discover our models

We are official Carpigiani dealers

for the province of Milan

When you speak about gelato, Carpigiani is a company that doesn’t need an introduction. Its history is strictly linked to Italian gelato and pastries. G&P center has always been a Carpigiani dealer for the province of Milan, offering its clients careful service including:

  • technical assistance
  • official spare parts warehouse
  • sale of machines and accessories

Official Carpigiani Spare Parts

Your reference point in the province of Milan for official Carpigiani spare parts. 
Pass by our Cash&Carry located in via Orobia 26, or contact us to receive assistance!

Carpigiani machines and equipment


For the last, most important step in the production of your gelato, choose a creamer that is functional and trustworthy.

Multifunction creamers

The Carpigiani multifunction creamers are the most modern and versatile on the market. Bring the best technology to your lab to make a difference.


A practical and efficient pasteurizer is a fundamental tool for producing a delicious and healthy gelato in an artisanal laboratory.


Versatile and efficient, with a creamcooker gelato and pastry professionals have all they need to invent, produce and conserve their creations.

Soft Machines

The key piece of equipment for serving a soft, creamy gelato. Perfect for gelato shops, bakeries, yogurt shops and restaurants in general.

Cream whipper

Easy to use and simple to manage: the Carpigiani cream whippers allow you to produce an excellent whipped cream for your most eager clients.